Customize YourScore

There are several ways to personalize your YourScore board.

1. Add stickers from your favorite team.

The YourScore was designed with an area in both the upper corners for you to display your team's colors or logos. The size of each area is 8 inches wide by 7 inches tall. There are many online stores that offer team logo stickers. Here are few decal kit offerings that work perfectly with your YourScore board.

Hockey Helmet Decal kits come with stickers that work great to decorate a YourScore.

Hockey Monkey
Gear 4 Pros

Wall Decal kits for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, Soccer, Olympics and more.

The online store Fatheads offers a kit with lots of high quality decals for dozens of pro and amateur teams. Many of the smaller decals in the kit will mount perfectly on your YourScore. Fatheads ships to both the USA and Canada.

Automobile Bumper Stickers for all Pro leagues plus NASCAR, UFC/MMA and more.

Amazon offers hundreds of choices for decorating your YourScore.

Custom Decal Sheets

At Stickeryou you can create and purchase your own custom stickers. Here's a few of the decal possibilities on this site.

CFL Team decals - get stickers from any of the 8 CFL teams
Custom decals - upload any logo and get a sheet of decals


There is often many options at ebay for team stickers. Use search terms like "NFL team decals" or "Dallas Cowboys decal"

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